Where did my Vellum file go?

If you don’t see your Vellum file in the Startup Window, you can open it from the Mac Finder by navigating to where it’s saved and double-clicking it.

If you need help locating your saved Vellum file, you can use the Spotlight tool. To open Spotlight, click on the magnifying glass icon in your Mac’s Menu Bar. Then, in the dialog that appears, you can enter text to search through all saved documents on your Mac.

For instance, to find all Vellum files on your computer, enter “kind:vellum” into the Spotlight search field. 

The Spotlight dialog showing Vellum files

If Spotlight doesn’t turn anything up, you may need to double-check the Trash, in case your files were inadvertently moved there.

You can learn more about Vellum in Vellum Help.

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