Why aren’t there any page numbers in my print edition?

Page numbers apply to the body matter of your book, which is typically made up of Chapter elements. You won’t see page numbers if your book does not contain any Chapters.

To check that an element is a chapter, you can use the Convert To menu:

If an element is mark Uncategorized, you can use this menu to convert it to a Chapter. Once marked as a Chapter, you should see page numbers for the element.

Chapter Numbering

By default, chapters are automatically numbered (e.g. 1. Loomings). If you don’t want your Chapter to include a number, you can use the Numbered toggle (found in this same menu) to disable this.

Converting Multiple Elements

If you have several elements missing page numbers, you can convert multiple at once. To select multiple items in the Navigator, click on the first element, hold down Shift, and then click on the last element:

Selecting multiple elements in the Navigator

Once the elements are selected, open the Chapter menu at the top of the screen and choose Convert To Chapter.

You can learn more about configuring Elements in Vellum Help.

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