Why don’t I see links to Amazon in my ebook?

Links to Amazon will only be included in the Kindle version of your ebook, and will be excluded from versions designated for other stores.

To see links to Amazon, you’ll need to proof the Kindle.epub file generated by Vellum:

EPUB files for Apple, Google, Kobo, and Nook

Vellum’s Store Links keep links to Amazon out of the ebooks designed for other stores, as links to Amazon can cause your book to be rejected.

Instead, you can provide link information for your book’s listing in each of these stores. Vellum will include the appropriate link in each version of your ebook.

Generic EPUB

If you’ve enabled Generic, you can also provide a separate link for this version of your ebook:

If you’re using Generic for an aggregator like Draft2Digital, you’ll want to provide either a link to your website or a a universal link available from services like Books2Read or Booklinker.

Alternatively, if you’re only using Generic for an ARC (and not sending this version to any stores), you can list a link to Amazon here as well.

You can learn more about Store Links in Vellum Help.

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