Is there a difference between generic and specific EPUB files?

Yes, there is! When you Generate your book, Vellum creates store-specific EPUB files for individual vendors. By contrast, the Generic EPUB Vellum creates is designed to work across multiple platforms.

The biggest difference between these EPUB files is that, if you make use of Store Links, the links provided will be store-specific. Apple EPUBs will contain links to Apple, Kindle EPUBs will contain links to Amazon, and so on.

Additionally, Vellum will compress images differently depending on each store’s file size limit.

Finally, there are some other optimizations Vellum can make for store-specific EPUB files. For instance, if you’re uploading to Amazon directly, we recommend using the Kindle EPUB that Vellum generates since it will be optimized for Amazon’s Enhanced Typesetting process.

You can learn more about Generating Books in Vellum Help.

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